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Case Study

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Samik's Story

Samik has been with Restore Harrow Green for four years and during that time he has worked in the Finance Department gaining invaluable experience on the job.


Q & A

Why did you choose to work for Restore Harrow Green? 

They were offering me the chance to join the finance team, which is what I wanted at the time. Seeing as I had no relevant work experience I was keen to join and start learning, especially as many companies don’t want people coming into departments with no experience. 
The company also went out of their way to ask if I could join the finance team as an apprentice, which I saw as a sign they wanted me to join.

How did you come to hear about the Growing Talent programme?

My advisor at the job centre recommended I attend the first meeting of the scheme as it would get me face to face with employers and it would be a way to get work experience.

How did the Growing Talent programme benefit you in terms of new skills and workplace confidence?

I have gained a huge amount of knowledge of how a finance team actually works in practice. As I have progressed through the department I have been able to see and get involved with more and more processes that the business undertakes through the years. I would also say that that general day-to-day interactions with everyone at Restore Harrow Green have made me a more confident person compared to when I started.

What’s the best part of your job?

I like being able to take something from the starting point right the way to the finish. This can range from a new project or process being put into place or our standard production of monthly reports.

Where do you see your future now that you’ve benefited from this training/opportunity?

I am doing further studies in Accountancy to become a Chartered Accountant, from working here I feel like I have the ability to proceed further.

What advice would you give to others in a similar position?

Taking an opportunity to gain some experience is never a bad option and you will never know how it will help you in the future.