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Are accreditations worth it or are they just hype?

Are accreditations worth it or are they just hype?

In an industry as expansive as ours, it’s the details that set you apart from your competitors when it comes to service. It’s important to always look for ways of improving one’s service offering, by examining where changes can be made in order to take service quality that step further.

When looking for a project management or relocation provider it’s important to look at their portfolio of customers for testimonials, their awards and accreditations as well as any bodies they’re associated or signed up with.

For example, fleet quality and maintenance should be a big priority for any transportation focussed company and a FORS accreditation is a way of ensuring a high standard in both vehicles and drivers. Its voluntary status highlights that companies using it are dedicated to best practice when it comes to safety, efficiency and sustainability and shows a commitment to improve. 
Work related road risk is a given in large fleet operations and it’s imperative that your customer base is reassured that not only are you operating within the confines of the law but going above and beyond industry standard or minimum expectation. 

A FORS accreditation opens up avenues to training tools, guides and courses that enable large fleet operators to improve their record and offer their customer and supplier network the reassurance that road safety is a hot topic and one they take seriously.

In terms of sustainability one would be forgiven to assume that fleet operators are the last to contribute but a FORS accreditation also teaches fuel efficiency methods by promoting economic driving and engine efficiency optimisation thus reducing the fleet’s environmental impact. 

The same can be said about some of our other accreditations such as CHAS and Constructionline. 

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) aims to improve health and safety standards across the UK by ensuring that members adhere to a code of practice which is aimed at simplifying processes, conducts regular health and safety assessments, standardises requirements and avoids unnecessary repetitive procedures. 

Health and Safety and Compliance are a big part of what we do in business relocation and project management, and though our company policies are more than enough in proving our dedication and record is unblemished, we deem it necessary to participate in schemes and standards such as FORS, CHAS and Constructionline to further push ourselves towards continual improvement. Keeping up to date with all safety trends and assuring our customers that we’re dedicated to the highest quality and safety records for our industry are some of the reasons why such standards are imperative. 
For example, by being members of Constructionline, we become part of the UK's most connected and progressive provider of procurement and supply chain management services which enables us to reduce risk, keep pace with legislation and achieve more. Compliance regulation is a frequently changing process and this way we’re able to keep up with new standards and requirements and be ready to act when changes are applied. 

To learn more about our commitment read our posts on Customer Service Excellence, Achilles and ISO 14001 or visit our quality page for a full breakdown. If you’d still like to know more, call us any time and our relocation experts will go through everything in detail. 


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