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Everything you've ever wanted to know about Frameworks

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Frameworks

Did you know that we’re part of a number of Public Sector Frameworks, designed to optimise the way we do business in order to offer the most affordable services to the public sector?
Frameworks are structured in one of two ways: in the first, a company competes with others in order determine its suitability to win assignments or it can undergo an assessment to become the sole service provider for the duration of the framework. Most frameworks have a two year life span with potential to renew. 

Framework suppliers undergo stringent assessments as providers test on a range of factors before awarding supplier status. For example, in the public sector the provider must guarantee that all products and contracts comply with UK and EU procurement regulations ensuring fair and open competition between suppliers. 

Why are they important now?

The aim of any framework is to make improvements on time management and cost, which is why they operate on pre-agreed rates. Quality levels are also a big priority for framework providers as standards are expected to start and remain high. 

We’re living at a time when local authorities and public bodies are under immense financial pressures to save, while more cuts are being introduced every year. The Local Government Association has announced further spending cuts for 2019/2020 to the tune of 36%, or a further £1.3 billion. Clever procurement and spending decisions in the form of frameworks are now more important than ever, especially with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the potential havoc it will bring to the British economy.

Procurement is one of the costlier aspects of doing business and is often bound by complicated regulations. For example, OJEU rules require companies to award the contract through an EU compliant route and publishing jobs through the OJEU official site when exceeding certain budgetary thresholds. These types of complications often mean that companies might need to divert precious resources to specialist consultants who would assess bids for compliance; with a compliant framework, the legwork has already been done and projects can begin under tight deadlines and even tighter budgets.

Costs and benefits

Frameworks take the effort out of managing the procurement process because all the planning has been completed ahead of time and the customer is assured that quality standards and costs have been set through a standardised and transparent process. This guarantees an efficient, organised but still flexible service at a fraction of the time it would’ve taken with the traditional route. 
For some, this type of system has additional benefits through gain sharing, a way of incentivising public sector staff to work smarter rather than harder. Devising cost cutting solutions through the implementation of a framework, enables them to benefit from the savings made and produce transparent and efficient results.
The fact that the service offering on a framework is pre-set doesn’t mean that customers can’t benefit from the full spectrum of service, it just means that they can be sure of fixed rates and service delivery at a fraction of the time it would have normally taken. 

Our Frameworks

One of our most popular public frameworks is the YPO and ESPO for which we are the sole provider for removals and moves and changes.  
The aim of the framework is ensure that value for money solutions are delivered in order to give customers an outcome driven framework that will focus on their requirements. By providing access to a pre-qualified supplier allows for efficient call off and enhances partnership working across the public sector.
The framework’s evaluation criteria were split 40% for quality and 60% for price. Some of the quality criteria on which we were selected looked at technical and professional ability, supply chain management, quality standards and certification, our approach to a managed service solution, dispute resolution and complaints handling, experience in working with vulnerable people, confidentiality and Data Protection processes and environmental sustainability. 

The framework is valid until February 2020 and offers:

•    Access to primary service provider that is highly recognised for their service quality: we take strides to guarantee our quality of service such as holding the Customer Service Excellence award.
•    Social value benefits: we take away all unwanted assets and ensure that they are either recycled, donated to schools or charities or sold, with the proceeds coming back to you. We try hard to benefit the communities in which we operate, ensuring that mileage and carbon emissions levels are kept as low as possible.  
•    Help with hitting your sustainability targets: through our ethical and fully audited recycling and disposal methods.
•    Secure disposal of confidential data and IT equipment: we are GDPR compliant and provide a full audit trail. We can funnel assets through our resale channels in order to offset the cost of the disposal and data security processes when requested. We are fully ISO27001 and WEEE regulation compliant. 
•    Access to professional project management service: you will receive a dedicated project manager who will oversee every step of the process with you, providing a truly customised service. Our flexibility allows customers to change their requirements at short notice based on their upcoming needs whether these are planned or not. 

To find out more about our other Frameworks click here.

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