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Is Covid-19 the end of my office move?

Is Covid-19 the end of my office move?

There’s no denying that the corona virus has disrupted every angle of our lives in unimaginable ways. If we’d been told that everything would change so quickly six months ago none of us would’ve believed it and yet life must go on, but safely.

But what does safely mean when you’re pressured by deadlines, landlords and business needs? An office move is a logistical exercise that requires site viewings, regular meetings, fit outs and so on.  In light of the climate you might have considered or even been forced to renew your current lease but what if that’s not an option because of an inflexible landlord lack of suitability? (Incidentally, if you’re in any doubt about your rights in relation to keeping your property you should refer to the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act as well as seek advice from a solicitor).

In some respects, the forced move to have their staff work from home might be a bit of a blessing for many businesses. If the office is empty, it’s so much easier and safer for your relocation experts to come in and begin work without fear of compromising social distancing protocols. 

However, what if this new way of working has made those at the top realise that a large office in a central city setting is no longer desirable and too expensive at a time of looming financial pressures, potential forced redundancies and months of upcoming uncertainty?  

Consider reducing your space.

A great number of people prefer the flexibility of working from home and many have said that in future they would prefer to have the freedom to do so more if their company policy made allowances for a more flexible timetable. Offering your teams the option to work from home multiple times a week even after the end of the pandemic, could mean a rotational hot desking format applied to your workspace allowing you to release whole floors or even buildings, bringing down your costs and increasing staff wellbeing at the same time. A project management company such as ours could help you structure a plan that could see you face any potential recession with some slack. 

In the same vein, temporarily storing excess office equipment while you briefly downsize could make the difference to your company’s finances while you wait and see how workplace trends will look in this fast paced and unpredictable environment.  

Is it safe to have a survey? 

Our operatives are fully equipped with medical grade PPE and with physical distancing measures applied, can attend an inspection safely. However, if a face to face inspection is a fear for you, consider a virtual one, with the use of a phone or tablet. Our staff can then calculate the scope of the project without being present. In addition, a detailed inventory from you on every item that will require moving will also help us form an accurate picture and plan accordingly. 

If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that it’s possible for companies to continue to function efficiently with the majority of their workforce working from home, with anecdotal evidence showing that many find working from home makes them more productive as there’s fewer interruptions and unnecessary meetings. A number of large companies are also finding that having larger, but decentralised headquarters is the way to tackle the pandemic but also adapt to a future where flexible work is the norm. Whatever the future brings however, get in touch with us and we’ll help you shape your office space to your new vision, safely.

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