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Six reasons you need storage space

Six reasons you need storage space

Storage and warehousing isn’t just for putting away dusty old items but can be a powerful tool that provides you with valuable opportunities to expand or optimise your business space, save money and help with your long term business goals. 

Room to grow

If you’d like to grow your business but aren’t ready to tackle a relocation you might be able to make better use of your space by storing inventory and components separately. This will free your workspace for more desking if necessary and allow for room for product development or increase your production area, enabling you to better focus on your goals and core business. 
The same applies for renovations; if you’re plan on improving your existing workspace, putting your assets in storage temporarily will enable you to complete your refurbishment faster and with more efficiency without having to shuffle it around from room to room until the renovations are finished. We can also help you [move], as well as transfer your items in and out of storage while the works are completed, streamlining the process, helping you reduce planning and keep within budget. 

If staff wellbeing is your end goal, moving excess items off site will enable you to improve your space, add more break out areas, and provide your teams with a cleaner, calmer environment to work in rather than a cluttered mish-mash. You might also find that the freed space is surplus to requirement, leading you to consider downsizing and saving on rent.

You have sensitive items that need specialist handling 

If you hold sensitive stock or legacy items made of delicate, organic or archive materials, you’re going to need to store them at a specialist facility that provides temperature and humidity controlled premises. This ensures your collections or stock items are kept in an optimal environment designed to preserve them for your customers and for the future. This solution also protects your items from extreme temperature fluctuations, ensuring they will remain stable for the long run and protected from pests and dust. Our heritage storage facility in Upper Heyford is the only one of its kind approved by the National conservation society and is also a listed site.

You need to process your stock more efficiently

If your business depends on moving stock around between sites or supplying customers, we can help by holding your inventory and delivering it as and when you need it shipped out, using our online inventory service. You can view your stock levels in real time and order it to be pulled and delivered on the same day or the day after, saving you valuable space as well as the need for stock management staff. 

This is solution is also ideal for when you want to keep a large quantity of stock at hand and increase supply during peak periods where you might not have time to restock or ramp up production at short notice. Having consistent stock levels also ensures your prices remain stable and improves forecasting capability. 

Borrowing & Collateral

Warehousing solutions can provide unlikely assistance in terms of collateral. The availability of your items of stock can give you freedom to borrow against these items when banks ask for security, providing you with quick access to capital when you need it. 

Risk reduction

If your concerns for keeping stock stem from less than ideal conditions on your site or fear of damage, putting your items in storage or warehousing can provide added protection. Storing assets in a warehouse means that in the event of loss, fire or theft you will be compensated as the warehouse owner will be insured for keeping your items. There’s also the added benefit of increased security as large warehouse compounds are less likely to be targets of theft compared to small company premises. 

Our warehouses benefit from modern alarm technology and 24-hour CCTV as well as PIR-activated night-time floodlighting and climate control so you feel assured that your items will be safe and cared for.

Carry specialist equipment

If you’re thinking of diversifying by acquiring specialised equipment but don’t have the room for it, warehousing can provide the ideal solution. That way you can access your equipment whenever you need it without it being in your way if it’s not a frequent use item. That way you can benefit from promoting your expertise without the space or potential risks that go with it. 

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