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Three reasons you need Project Management

Three reasons you need Project Management

You have a large commercial relocation coming up, a short time period to turn it around, a specific budget and people asking a million questions. Where do you start?

Depending on the size of your company there will be number of factors to consider:
How many staff do you need to move?

Is there going to be down time?

Can your IT department handle it or will be it too much?

What are the main three things to consider?

1.   Logistics

If you’ve never completed a company move before you’ll need to go through every aspect of your company’s operations and consider how this will affect them all individually. The HR department will have different pressures to Finance or Legal. Filing might need to be dealt with confidentiality and the customer service department might need to remain switched on 24/7. The right Project Manager will go through all aspects of your company with you and help you identify all the potential issues that you might not have anticipated or come up with solutions to problems you’ve identified but aren’t able to solve.

They will be able to break down your IT needs, produce furniture and file audits plan the project to fine detail as well as create a contingency plan for when things go wrong. There’s nothing worse than being ready to move only to find your supplier hasn’t turned up with the boxes or your IT department is dealing with a customer emergency when they should be decommissioning 300 set ups by 2pm. Where does that leave your plan and your budget, particularly if you have to vacate the building in three days or you’ll be faced with a penalty?
An experienced project management company will supply your with a clear relocation programme, designed exclusively round your needs and which explains each step of the process. This enables you to know exactly what is happening when, how much you’re paying for it and whether you’re keeping to budget. Doing this on your own could mean not taking unfamiliar factors into consideration which could result in an unplanned expenses. 

2.    Savings

This might sound counter intuitive but hiring the right project management team will save you money in the long run. Your move manager will identify and plan each stage of the move or project and break it into optimised phases that enable you to proceed with day to day operations leading to minimal down time for your business.  A project manager will also liaise with contractors and other third parties enabling you to get on with your job, as well as problem solve and troubleshoot for you wherever necessary. They might also offer you the option to recycle or resell your unwanted IT in line with all relevant legislation and return the proceeds to you after resale. The same applies for no-longer needed or legacy items which can be donated to charity or resold, once again making you money where possible. 

3.    Efficiency

The right company will help you identify misuse of space that could go towards storage, hot desking, client areas, break out spaces or quiet rooms which you might not have considered, thus enabling you to improve your working methods, the wellbeing of your staff and overall space functionality.

Your project manager will also be able to highlight and help with technology needs like introducing screen arms for your monitors which free desk space, allow for better use of floor area and potentially enable you to optimise your workflow. 

Project Management can be an invaluable asset to any large company facing a move or one that needs regular space and asset management. Make sure to do your research, ask around and find the company that will supply you with the level of service you need, round the clock, and at any time of the year so your business never has to suffer but rather improve and flourish. 

To learn more view our project management page or contact us today.

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