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What do you do with your old business assets?

What do you do with your old business assets?

Do they stand in the way of business efficiency?

If like so many you’re restricted by your office space but don’t have anywhere to put your assets, you might, controversially, want to think inside the box a little bit. 

A lot of businesses have legacy items, assets and even paper records they think they need or aren’t in a position to dispose of it. Many find themselves wasting a lot of valuable space with inefficient storage methods or keeping items they don’t use.  
However, there’s a business solution to everything and luckily they don’t have to cost very much. With some forward planning the right decision could end up saving you money or even helping you grow. 

Look at what you have. 

Take a couple of hours out of your busy schedule and rationalise your assets.

Do you have boxes and boxes of paperwork that hasn’t been opened in years but that you can’t dispose of? Why not put it in storage, or even have it digitised so that you can access it at the click of a button while freeing the space it is in for other purposes? The same applies to old equipment you might be underutilising or furniture you only need from time to time. By storing it securely you can make better use of your available space and have a clear inventory of what assets you have available. Our online asset management system enables you to know exactly how many items you have in storage, and provides you with images so that you can see exactly what each item description relates to. Our system could also be applied to excess stock, valuable artwork, raw materials or whatever you don’t need in your workspace. We also provide access to our warehouses to view or retrieve your effects or we can deliver them to you on request.

Don’t bin it!

Many of our customers undergo renovations as part of their relocation or consolidation projects and ask us to supply them with new furniture based on their new look. This often leaves unwanted items to be disposed of which are in perfect working order or which require repairs. We can facilitate repairs depending on the items’ condition and repurpose it using the Refresh® programme
Our award winning Refresh® programme enables us to find creative solutions for all sorts of items that no longer fit in with our customers’ vision of their new workspace. If for example your old furniture is in good condition we can sell it or donate it to charities, schools or even start-ups that don’t have the budget for new furniture; that way you’re making a social contribution and ensuring that usable assets find a good home. 

Recycle it.

Alternatively items in less than good condition can be broken down into parts and [recycled] by material. This method is beneficial to our customers not only for its environmental benefits but also its financial rewards. Furniture that can be recycled by material for a profit results in lower costs to the overall relocation project as whatever returns we make come out of the project’s final bill.  Electronics are also part of our recycling option portfolio, with a variety of options available to suit your overall data needs.

So once you have cleared valuable space of unnecessary bulky items you can utilise the free space for more desking, break out areas or wellbeing rooms. If you’re stuck for ideas get in touch with us and we’ll project manage the whole thing.

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