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Case Study

Case Study

Case Studies

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OE Electrics

Restore Harrow Green - OE Electrics

The Challenge:

OE Electrics Ltd designs and manufactures power solutions for the education, office, leisure and healthcare sectors. Set up in 1986, with its headquarters in Wakefield, the company is family owned and managed but has established itself as a global solutions provider winning an Exporter of the Year Award. They decided to move as the company is continually expanding and they wanted to have all their functions based in one brand new manufacturing facility.

The Project:

Restore Harrow Green masterminded a complex programme involving the consolidation of four buildings in Wakefield into one new facility comprising 2,524 sqm of office space and a 3,389 sqm industrial manufacturing area. To minimise disruption to production, we scheduled the move over a weekend starting on a Friday evening and completing on Sunday, meaning the whole project was finalised in less than three days.

The move involved the careful relocation of specialist equipment from the engineering workshop and production areas including two Addison extrusion cutting units, which had to be carefully packed, and transported using our experienced teams and lifting gear.

Over 50 workbenches, access trolleys, bench top equipment and other equipment, including a cardboard bailer and moulding dyes on metal pallet racking, were also packed up and relocated using our tried and tested methods. The size and weight of the machinery provided the biggest challenge, with limited access owing to other contractors working in the area at the same time. Another logistical challenge was that the new site had restricted areas during the relocation. To deal with this we held goods in pre-determined areas within the site until they could be transferred to their final location.

Just as important was the relocation of office files and equipment including 55 desktop PCs, furniture, filing cabinets, tables and confidential company files. Our specialist IT division was on hand to help with decommissioning and recommissioning of all of the company’s technology equipment, a key element of the success of the office relocation.

Other aspects of the move included the company’s dining area. Our teams packed and moved various items of furniture, white goods, and kitchen equipment. In addition, breakout area and meeting room furniture were relocated which involved the safe transportation of sofas, tables and chairs.

The Restore Harrow Green team worked to strict timescales and project milestones, which could not be missed or extended, and handled several changes throughout the project which meant that we had to be very flexible.

Our Solution

Every member of the OE Electrics team was up and running first thing Monday morning with no disruption to the business. Our post-move team was on site to make sure that everyone settled in as quickly as possible. The project was a brilliant success. OE Electrics Ltd are insistent on managing their whole manufacturing process in-house so that they have complete control of quality and service. By enabling them to move all their facilities into one site we were able to play a part in helping them to build confidence with their clients.

Project Details


OE Electrics


What We Did:

  • We moved a manufacturing facility including specialist engineering equipment
  • We relocated an entire office function, including sales and technical support teams and a dining facility
  • We met strict and challenging timescales and deadline

Client Feedback

Super job! I cannot fault Russ, Paul and Adam as well as all their team - a great bunch of guys who work constantly around the clock and dealt with all situations readily as they arose.

Richard Durr - Operations Manager
at OE Electrics OE Electrics