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General Data Protection Regulation

As of 25th May 2018 all EU member states will have to comply with a new data protection regulation which aims to safeguard consumers’ rights and offer more privacy considerations for organisations by updating the approach to processing personal data. All corporations which handle this data will have to adapt to the changes, as new measures will be implemented in company practices, in order to offer individuals protection improvements.

The GDPR is driven by the need to increase in transparency and accountability. Organisations are not only obligated to comply but are also required to demonstrate this compliance and provide clarity as to why information is being retained, where it is stored and what methods are used to review and securely dispose of it. The GDPR will apply to most organisations that keep personal data as part of conducting business.

The business benefits of efficiently storing and handling personal data and being able to locate and manage all relevant information quickly and efficiently will continue to grow as scrutiny and demand increase the closer we get to the deadline and eventual implementation of the regulation. We live in a world where data is a major part of doing business and as a result companies have a great responsibility towards their customers. This regulation is an opportunity to show professionalism and adopt improved practices.

Harrow Green and the Restore Group have investigated the requirements and are fully compliant and prepared to help our customers with the implications of the change. This will ensure they are ready when the regulation comes into force.

 For more information visit our GDPR guidelines page.

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