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Moving Trends Survey is a great step for the FM sector

The relocation industry has come a long way in recent years and Harrow Green has led the way for the industry since its inception over 30 years ago.
We are proponents of the fact that nothing is more important than high quality service and such service is only achieved by communication, both within the organisation itself but also with our business partners. Throughout all our projects our move managers are in constant communication with our customers, following their leads and fulfilling their requirements as much as possible. At the end of every project we also send out a service satisfaction survey, requesting feedback about how we did and what we could do to improve. 
That’s why we were very glad to hear of the launch of the PFM Moving Trends Survey
2017 which aims to analyse developments within the relocation sector of the FM industry, in association with the British Association of Removers (BAR) of which we are an active member. 

The survey has been designed to be simple to fill out, allowing respondents to provide their feedback within minutes. 
The results should provide a clear and informative picture of the trends and service levels of the relocation industry as a whole, highlighting what has changed in the last eight years, since the last time a survey of this nature was completed. We’re very excited the survey is taking place and are very keen to study the results in order to see what customers think of the sector as a whole but also individual companies in particular. It will provide a fascinating and valuable analysis of how the sector has developed in the last few years.

Responses to this year’s survey are requested from all those who have been involved in workplace relocations, including both Facilities Management companies (FMs) and their service providers.
The questions are designed to provide a comprehensive insight into how FMs are conducting their relocation projects from the perspective of the user and respondents are requested to comment on all aspects of a relocation. This includes schedule and planning satisfaction, communication levels, budget issues, staff quality, innovation and new ideas on the part of the provider as well as methodology, staff rapport, BAR membership, ISO certification and even CSR policy.

Businesses are constantly changing, particularly in the recent political climate, so the relocation topic is an ever present one. Re-launching the Moving Trends Survey is a timely development and has been identified as highly relevant by many bodies in the sector. It provides a valuable tool as well as a gauge that will encourage service providers to continue to raise their standards in the years ahead. We look forward to seeing the results and shaping the future of the FM industry accordingly.

To complete the survey click here 


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