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Ways Our Re-Fresh Programme can Help Your Business with Unwanted Assets

Ways Our Re-Fresh Programme can Help Your Business with Unwanted Assets

Seeing as it is national Zero Waste Week this week, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about our Re-Fresh programme.

If you have office furniture, electrical equipment or computers that you no longer need but are still in reasonable condition we can help you to dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. Call or email us and we can come to your site and undertake a full site survey. We’ll create a detailed inventory and produce a clearance programme tailored to your needs. While carrying out the removals we’ll make sure we fulfil EPA Duty of Care.

Our methods of disposal include:


We can direct your unwanted assets through our Re-Fresh network to charities and worthwhile causes who couldn’t otherwise afford to buy such items. Every year we provide over 2,000 tons of no longer required assets to charities, schools, community and voluntary groups in the UK and abroad. One great example is of a school we helped in Ghana. We also helped the UK Border Agency with disposing of assets.


Working with our partners we can sell on your unwanted furniture, equipment and computers for the best price possible and create a revenue stream for you. Smaller organisations and start ups are often delighted to get their assets as more affordable prices. We helped Coleg Morgannwg with disposing of their unwanted equipment, read here to find out more.


We can also take away unwanted assets, repair and refurbish them so they can be sold or donated just as we did for Coleg Morgannwg.


We are committed to a zero to landfill policy. At our fully licensed recycling centre we can dismantle, sort and separate any waste. Where we can we will try to salvage as much of the product as possible and send the remainder for recycling or conversion into fuel pellets. When we helped the North Leamington School with their move they had metalwork and wood which needed to be disposed of so we helped with getting it recycled locally. Read here to find out what we did.

To find out more about our eco-friendly services and to contact us, visit our Recycling and Reuse page.

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