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We were nominated for the Planet Mark awards!

We were nominated for the Planet Mark awards!

Last night we attended The Planet Mark awards where we were honoured with a nomination in the employee engagement category.

We were nominated for our efforts in raising awareness and encouraging behavioural changes amongst our staff which result in paper and utilities savings. The main purpose of our newly installed Green Team is to remind everyone that by being a little more mindful on a day to day basis we can reduce both our resource use and our carbon footprint. 

The evening was quite emotive but also pragmatic in terms of the long and arduous journey we, as a society, are facing in lowering carbon emissions. Sustainability is the key in staying within environmental targets of stopping the temperature rises that encourage and exacerbate climate change. The awards were the perfect opportunity to remind everyone present of our responsibility in becoming more sustainable and continuing to reduce our carbon footprint as companies every year. This is the only way we hope to maintain our Planet Mark certification in the future. 

In terms of our Employee engagement award nomination our actions include: 

Paper saving initiative: We introduced goals for people to go paperless as much as possible by encouraging the creation of digital filing systems as opposed to physical ones. We also enabled our Finance department to send and process digital invoices, as they form a big part of our monthly paper consumption. We also avoid sending out printed tender documents if the option to submit through a portal or via email is available. 

Recycling initiative: A second initiative includes staff visits to Bywaters recycling plant to receive hands on experience on how waste is processed in order to become more aware of what materials are recyclable as opposed to what is converted into fuel by way of incineration, so that we can educate our staff on how to make more conscious purchasing decisions, particularly in regards to single use packaging. 

Health and Wellbeing Initiative: Through our support of Fair Trade Fortnight earlier in the year we’ve continued to encourage healthy eating and often collaborate with local suppliers to bring in locally grown fruit and vegetables to sell to our staff. Once a month we sponsor the purchase of the produce so that fruit and vegetables are available to everyone in the office free of charge.
Agile working initiative: Even though agile working has been in place for some time, we now actively encourage office based staff to work from home whenever possible. In order to reduce the impact on the environment caused by their daily commute, we’ve created a pool of shareable laptops that office based staff can borrow in order to be able to work from home. 

We’re planning on expanding our commitment in the coming year and implementing more schemes that will contribute to sustainability and make a difference. 

To see details of our Planet Mark certificate click here

To find out more about what you can do to help download this brochure produced by the Planet Mark as  well as the Impact Report


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