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We're supporting Crisis at Christmas

We're supporting Crisis at Christmas

This month we’re continuing our efforts towards ending homelessness by offering our services and raising awareness for homelessness by focussing on Crisis. Crisis at Christmas work tirelessly over the run up and during the holiday period to ensure that homeless people have somewhere to stay over Christmas, receive a home cooked meal, keep warm and celebrate the holiday safely, with people from their local communities.

Homelessness is a cause very close to our hearts here at Restore Harrow Green and we make it our goal to support Crisis every year over the holidays. During this time Crisis go to great lengths to be able to care for the most vulnerable amongst us by providing food, shelter, counselling or simply a comfortable place to spend the afternoon.  

From the 17th to the 30th of December we’ll be providing three vehicles a day, including the services of our moving teams in order to transport beds and bedding as well as all the items needed for setting up the centres such as towels and toiletries, catering equipment, games and arts materials to closed schools, which are temporarily being converted to temporary shelters. 

In addition to that, we’ve also set up collection points at all our offices throughout the UK and have asked people to donate any clothing they don’t need or contribute dried food, individual drink packs, snacks and art materials which will also be delivered to the shelters on the 15th of December ready for the visitors.

Find out how you can help here or donate here.

The Centres that Crisis offer include both daytime drop in centres as well as residential centres which are open on a 24 hour basis and will provide sleeping facilities for visitors from the 23rd of December until the morning of the 30th of December. 
The day centres will be open from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm from the 23rd of December to the 29th of December.

What are the different centres?  

Day centres

Day centres are for people who have accommodation of some kind, such as hostels or B&Bs and will be there to provide meals for all as well as learning opportunities, activities, entertainment and essential services such as advice and healthcare. The day centres cater for up to 250 people each and are open to all. If a visitor is assessed to be in need of more specialist services, they may be referred to the appropriate residential centre.

Residential centres

Residential centres are for those who are assessed to be most in need of essential services. For example:

  • Outreach Residential Centre requires referrals by outreach workers
  • Link Residential Centre is for visitors not yet linked into year round services
  • Winters Residential Centre offers temporary overnight accommodation in churches
  • The Gate Residential Centre is for those with alcohol or drug dependencies
  • Women’s Residential Centre is a safe haven for vulnerable women
  • Croydon Residential Centre provides overnight accommodation

These centres are open 24 hours and provide meals and sleeping facilities as well as the full range of services and activities.

Where are the centres located?

The centres are located all over London (zones 1-5) in buildings that are donated to Crisis for use over Christmas only, such as schools, colleges and empty buildings.

For more information please contact Crisis directly. 

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