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Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

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Laboratory Relocation

Project Management

Let us take care of every aspect of your laboratory relocation by appointing one of our professional and expert Project Managers to work with you. We know that every laboratory relocation project is unique and every organisation has different priorities, challenges and issues which need to be carefully managed.

We have experienced laboratory relocation project managers who understand all the practicalities associated with laboratory relocation, such as the stringent methodologies, challenging environment, client confidentiality, equipment sensitivity and regulatory compliance.

Our Project Management team have built up a huge amount of insights and knowledge that we share with our customers. This has been built through a deep understanding of our customers and over 30 years of supporting a wide range of organisations in the planning, organisation and implementation of laboratory relocation projects.

Restore Harrow Green Project Management

Laboratory Project Management

Our laboratory project management services include:

  • Scoping out the works
  • Budgeting and financial control
  • Personnel and stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Move schedule planning and management
  • Third party management 
  • OEM liaison 
  • Hazardous materials transfers
  • Move mapping and indexing
  • Contingency and risk plans
  • Regulatory Compliance and adherence
  • Secure data management and transfer of IT and communications

Our project managers begin work on the customer’s premises before the relocation and continue to closely monitor the process throughout, in order to ensure that all queries are quickly answered and any potential issues are identified and addressed before they emerge.

Our relocation team, led by our Project Manager, will be dedicated to your project throughout and will work closely with you from the start, in order to develop a deep understanding of all the departments, data, instrumentation and machinery to be moved, as well as any research specimens, hazardous goods or chemicals or any specialist items. Our team will establish where inter-dependencies exist and they will be incorporated into a draft relocation schedule to ensure a smooth transition.

A detailed risk matrix and contingency plans will be formulated and used as a working document for the duration of the project. The matrix and plans will be regularly reviewed and updated at agreed points within the project timetable. 

A crucial aspect in project managing any size laboratory relocation is the liaison and communication with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We are hugely experienced in dealing with OEMs, vendors and other third parties involved in laboratory relocation. We are fully familiar with instruments which are under warranty the way this impacts on preparation, handling and transportation. 

Our OEM processes, which are built into the overall relocation plan, include OEM communication and a detailed audit trail for proper and correct decontamination and decommissioning procedures of all instrumentation under warranty. Our focus is always on providing and receiving timely information to avoid unnecessary delays or costs. 

Our comprehensive Project Management service offers you peace of mind, guaranteeing that every aspect of your relocation is in safe hands and will receive the right level of focus, saving you time and money and significantly removing distractions. Our dedicated approach allows your people to concentrate on their core research work while we handle the details.

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